Luxury Data Analysis
Luxury Customer Analysis
Luxury Customer Data Analytics
Luxury Customer Analysis
Luxury Customer Data Analytics

My Professional Certificates

Empowering Luxury Leaders and Investors

Luxury’s Top Investors and Leaders win by understanding the market and customers

I help Luxury’s Top Leaders grow in to new markets and investors protect and grow investment in Luxury Brands.

As a data engineer and analyst using data mining and customer sentiment analysis i provide bespoke reports that help investors hesitant in making investment decisions. My tailored business intelligence provides actionable insight and makes growth into new markets more profitable for luxury executives, directors and mangers.

Discover why luxury’s top leaders and investors trust me to unearth business and investment intelligence.


Yemi in Suit

The Fresh Kid - Luxury Data Engineer and Analyst

Luxury Market and Customer Specialist trusted by Leading Brands and Investment Funds

The phrase Fresh Kid comes from the 90’s Hip Hop and fashion scene.

It is used to describe people who know a lot about trends in fashion, style, street culture, music and art.

People who keep their ear close to the pulse to what people wear, listen and buy. They understand customers and the what drives the market. Learn more about the history of fresh kids

Discover why luxury’s top leaders and investors choose me over other data specialists.


China 2nd Largest Luxury Market - About Us

Luxury Market Specialist and Industry Insider

Hired by luxury leaders and investors for scarce insiders intelligence and perspective

My insights have provided business intelligence for billion dollar luxury companies and hedge funds investing £10mil’s in luxury companies.

With 18 years experience in the luxury industry and at the forefront of luxury digital and data transformation i understand luxury markets like other data analysts don’t.

Everyday i collect, analyse and deliver actionable insights from large data sets for luxury’s leading brands that business growth strategy.

Discover how i help luxury’s leading c-suites and luxury’s fund managers grow in new markets and enhance their investment positions.


Luxury Sneakerhead

Customer Social Listening and Sentiment Analysis

Top Luxury Leaders and Investors listen to customers for business growth and higher investment returns

By using data mining and analysis methods of customer social listening and sentiment analysis i empower business growth strategy and smarter investment decisions.

As the leading luxury customer analysis specialist i unlock business intelligence by collecting, cleaning and analysing luxury customer anf business data.

Discover how i help luxury leaders make £millions in new markets and investors protect seven figure investments

My Services
Luxury Data Visualization
Luxury Keynote Speaker
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Prestigious English Heritage Education

Luxury Leader educated in the worlds oldest and most prestigious schools

I attended the one of the leading and prestigious schools in the United Kingdom. This formed my mindset, craft , principles and ethics.

As a former elite rugby player with international honours; my beliefs and values come from sport and my heritage background.

Discover how my heritage shaped my work

Values, Mission, Purpose & Principles

Nú Heritage

My Aesthetic, Mission, Purpose & Principles are called Nú Heritage.
Taking inspiration from both heritage contemporary culture and beliefs.

Luxury Heritage

Make Smarter Luxury Business and Investment Decisions

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